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Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

There are sometimes various, unexpected things that go into a remodeling plan for your bathroom.  It’s no small undertaking remodeling a bathroom in terms of both the time you’re going to spend on the job and the money you’re going to invest.  Here are some things to consider before you remodel your bathroom.

1. Design for Accessibility

Easy-to-grip lever faucets and handheld showers suit individuals of all abilities. However, you’ll want to plan early on for permanent features. You should secure grab bars to block between wall studs and place them 33 to 36 in. off the floor. Some other things to take into consideration are:

  • A wider doorway
  • A barrier-free shower
  • A lower sink height

2. The Right Height for Accessories

There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules surrounding how to hang robe hooks or towel bars. You can use the above dimensions as a starting point. Determine early on where you want to put things so you can put in extra blocking where you need it before you finish the walls. Mark potential spots, if you can, with painter’s tape first and then slowly begin adjusting for comfort.

3. Plumbing

Typically, it takes about 1 1/2 in. of piping for residential plumbing drains. You’ll be surprised the amount of hair and gunk goes down your drain. The bigger your drain is, the less likely you’ll have a clog. The cost difference for upgrading to a 2-in drain is almost negligible. Also, unless your framing won’t allow for it, you may want to think about increasing the drain to 2 in. in your shower.

Also, if you reside in an area where the temperatures go below freezing in the winter, it’s essential you don’t route your water supply lines through an exterior wall.

4. Slip-Resistant Floor

Your bathroom is considered a wet room. When you pick flooring for your bathroom remodeling job, it’s a good idea to select slip-resistant material to avoid a fall when you’re getting out of your tub or shower. Wide grout lines and small tile in the shower can lead to friction making it harder to slip. There are many inexpensive and beautiful flooring options that fit any bathroom design style. If you reside in a colder climate, you can install electric heated floors under the tile to make your bathroom relaxing and warm.

5. Cabinetry

Bathroom storage is important for keeping valuable counter space clean and clear. You’ll want to invest in quality cabinetry that will not warp in a moist, humid bathroom atmosphere. You’ll be using the cabinets and drawers on a daily basis, so quality craftsmanship and materials are essential for maximizing the lifespan of features like these.

6. Layout

It might be simpler than you may think to freshen your bathroom layout without actually making a whole lot of different changes. For instance, a simple option is ripping out your linen closet and replacing it with cabinets. It’s a significant change but without the extra expense of moving plumbing.

7. Tile Shower

If you’re thinking about changing up your drop-in shower for a tiled version, there will be some homework for you to do. If you have a mudded tiled shower, you’ll need to waterproof it and this isn’t always simple. You’ll have many steps involved, so you’ll want to do your research and prepare.

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