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Bathtub Tiles Hollywood, Florida

Are you thinking about replacing your old, dingy or broken bathtub tiles? Well, let us just say that removing and replacing tile is a tedious and time-consuming project. It can also get pretty expensive having to pay for the materials as well as the labor and installation. However, we have an affordable and easy solution for you. Let us refinish your bathtub tiles for you instead of getting them removed and replaced. We have professional refinishers that are trained in tile glazing and can give your tiles the shine it once had. Refinishing your bathtub tiles also gives them the same durability as if you replaced them! It can be frustrating having to wait days and weeks for new tiles and that is why we provide bathtub tile refinishing services that will have your tiles looking better than ever in a matter of hours.

You shouldn’t have to empty out your pockets to have the fresh look you want for your bathroom. Elite Tub Refinishing offers cost efficient and incredible workmanship that will provide you with the quality you are seeking while paying only a fraction of the cost of replacing tiles. If you are in the Hollywood, Fl area and aren’t sure what you should do about your old bathtub tiles, you can count on us! You can forget about the stress of having to go through weeks of remodeling because we are sure to be out of your way in less than a day. Don’t waste your time and hard-earned money on removing tiles that can easily be repaired and re-glazed. Refinishing is the best option to bring life into your bathroom, not to mention it is also the eco-friendlier route to take.

Refinishing your bathtub tiles isn’t just a simple clean and re-glaze job to us. We are attentive to every small detail and will not leave until we achieve the look you want. It is you that uses your bathroom daily so we want to make sure that you are pleased with the results. If there are any broken tiles, we make sure to repair the tile first then we re-glaze it. This gives the tile the brand-new look as well as the durability of a new tile. Bathtub tile refinishing is the quickest way to give your bathroom the fresh, clean look you want without having to dish out thousands of dollars. Don’t go through the hassle of replacing tiles, contact us to refinish your bathtub tiles and have a shiny, clean bathtub in no time!


Bathtub Tiles Hollywood, Florida

Your shower tiles can be quickly and economically repaired and painted the color of your choice when you have us refinish your shower tiles. Replacing shower tiles can be an expensive hassle and gets very messy, we don’t want that. We want your shower tiles looking brand new without actually having to install new tiles. Removing the old tiles and installing new ones is a time-consuming project that is not needed when a simple reglaze will have them in better condition than they were before. Our special equipment provides the tiles with a protective seal that resists dirt, grime, and mold, and makes them easier to keep clean. When you walk into a shower, you expect it be nice and clean because you rely on it to clean you, but what if the shower tiles are all old, dirty, and stained? You aren’t going to want to step in. Our clients’ needs always come first, that is why we offer shower tile restoration services. We know how important it is to have a clean shower so we make it our mission to have your shower tiles restored in as little as a day. So, if your shower tiles are in need of a makeover, call Elite Tub Refinishing to have them restored!