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How to Keep Mold Out Of The Bathroom

How to Keep Mold Out Of The Bathroom

Whether you’re a renter or owner, tackling mold in the bathroom is a must if you want to maintain a safe, clean and healthy bathroom. Not to mention, mold can damage the ceilings and walls. All bathrooms accumulate moisture. But by decreasing the levels of moisture in your bathroom, you can keep mold from showing up or at least slow down the growth of mold that’s already there. Maintaining a mold-free bathroom is fairly easy if you’re consistent in keeping your bathroom clean. Here are some simple tips for reducing your bathroom’s moisture levels. 

  1. Get a Decent Fan

The first thing you need to ensure you have in each bathroom of your home is an efficient fan. Vents help to suck the moisture out of the air and send it outdoors. This is the initial line of defense against mold and moisture.

The cubic feet per minute (CFM) count on the fan you use will let you know if it’s sufficient enough for the area. If the fan is too small, you’ll want to purchase a more powerful one. To figure out the right fan strength, multiply the sq. footage of the area by 1 if you have an 8ft ceiling or multiply the sq. footage of the area by 1.5 if you have a 9ft ceiling.

  1. Apply Grout Sealer

Seal the grout lines yearly if you have tile, using a standard grout sealer for waterproofing them. To eliminate existing mold in your bathroom, scrub with water and detergent, then allow the surface to completely dry. Or make a solution of 90% water and 10% bleach. Brush or spray on the solution, allow to sit for 10 minutes and then rinse and allow it to dry.

  1. Fix Leaks

Mold in the bathroom doesn’t only come from water in your bath or shower. Leaks can additionally cause an accumulation of moisture which causes mold growth. If you ever see a leak, don’t ignore it. Repair it immediately if possible or call in a plumber to come repair it for you. It will only make the problem worse if you wait, particularly if mold is taking hold and beginning to grow. It’s much more difficult to eliminate mold than it is preventing it.

  1. Dry Out Items in your Shower

Make sure you dry things out that could become a breeding ground for mildew and mold, such as:

  • Sponges
  • Removing loofahs
  • Product bottles
  1. Dust your Bathroom Once Weekly

Dust is actually a food source for mold. The spores of mold travel by air, settling on surfaces so you need to dust everything in the bathroom on a regular basis to prevent the growth of mold. Use a microfiber cloth, lightly dampened, to wipe the surfaces off. Start high and work your way down to the lower surfaces.

Your absolute best defense is to prevent mold from occurring at all. The tips below can help prevent mold growth. By drying off shower and bath items, fixing leaks, applying grout sealer in tiles and using a good fan, you are well on your way of preventing moisture build-up and mold.

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