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How to Choose The Perfect Bathroom Vanity For Your Bathroom

How to Choose The Perfect Bathroom Vanity For Your Bathroom

Choosing a new bathroom vanity has various benefits. You can not only revamp an area without having to totally remodel your bathroom, but you can also make morning routines run smoother and gain extra storage. Below are some tips on how to choose the perfect vanity for your bathroom, no matter what its size is.

  1. Proportion and Size

When deciding on a new bathroom vanity, one of the first things to look at is what’s adequate and appropriate in terms of size. For instance, is your current vanity too small and you’re looking to swap it with a bigger one? Are you looking to place a new vanity inside a small powder room and therefore need to find a vanity small enough so it will fit?

  1. Who Will Be Using the Vanity?

When choosing the vanity for your bathroom, you’ll want to take into account the individuals who will be using it and what they’ll be using it for. For instance, if you’re renovating a full size bathroom for you and your significant other to share and you both will need to use the sink in the morning, you might want to go with a vanity that has a double sink. But, if you’re the only person who will be using it, then it would be fine to go with something a little bit smaller. Also, if you plan on using the vanity for doing your hair and makeup, perhaps you’ll need some storage to accommodate your supplies and some extra counter space.

  1. Determine Placement 

You can always change a bathroom design. But the walls and doors will be a little harder. And, this will limit the locations you can place your vanity. Some things you should take into consideration when you’re figuring out where to place your new vanity are:

  • The toilet: Will you want your new vanity beside, in front of or far away from your toilet? When you’re trying to “go”, will you be constantly bumping into your vanity? 
  • Door swing: Does your bathroom door swing inwards and will hit the vanity? This can be both annoying and ineffective. Are you going with a shower that has a door instead of a shower curtain? If it’s a door, that’s another swing you’ll want to consider when you’re determining where to put your vanity.
  • Traffic flow: You obviously don’t want to place your vanity in a high traffic area where you’ll be bumping into it all the time which can not only be frustrating, but can leave a lot of bruises. 
  1. Powder Room Vanity

Your powder room, which is your small bathroom that will hold only a toilet and sink/vanity, will only be able to accommodate a smaller vanity. Powder rooms aren’t meant for bathing, therefore you won’t have to worry about storing bath towels, shampoos and hair dryers. So, you could go with a bathroom vanity that will hold just one sink and minimal counter space.

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