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7 Great Vanity Ideas For Your Bathroom

7 Great Vanity Ideas For Your Bathroom

A bathroom vanity will complete the appearance of any size bathroom and offer extra countertop space, storage and personality. But, this all depends on the appearance of your choice of bathroom vanity design. What style are you looking for in a vanity for your bathroom? Are you looking for modern and sleek or more traditional? What size and/or height? There are many considerations. Here we’ll give you seven great vanity ideas for your bathroom.

  1. Gorgeously Grounded

When you place a vanity in a corner of your bathroom, it takes advantage of all your floor space, while allowing for extra storage on two walls. Installing a recessed cabinet into a sidewall is a brilliant way of capturing space that’s usually overlooked. Create a bigger area of open counter space by offsetting the vanity’s sink.

  1. Open Storage

If you have a small bathroom, it’s essential to make use of all the space available. Think about installing a vanity in the corner of your bathroom to provide extra inches of what would have been unused space. To keep the space from seeming dark, go with an open, light-colored unit that has a built-in shelf for a storage basket and towel bar.

  1. Rustic Style

A rustic bathroom vanity will bring you back to the basics. The rough wood, which is filled with colors and natural knots, will enhance the woodland-inspired decor and recall the naked wood ceiling beams.

  1. Clean and Simple

Imagine the simple colors and lines of a clean and simple vanity that makes a perfect choice for individuals with simple tastes. You get plenty of counter space on both sides of your sink, storage and beautiful light fixtures working simultaneously for making the space beautiful and practical.

  1. Modern Floating Vanity

Consider a white, weightless modern vanity is everything you require in minimalist, modern decor – lots of white, a lacquered shine for a bit of light-reflecting texture and a floating style for very little floor footprint. 

  1. Mirror, Mirror

The absolute best vanity for a small bathroom is one that’s both hardworking and attractive. Visualize a light-colored freestanding cabinet that has mirrored doors. The mirrors are bouncing light all around the bathroom to visually enhance and expand the area. With open shelves and behind-doors, it also allows plenty of room to store your linens.

  1. Small Modern Vanity

While a bathtub may be the first thing you see in most contemporary bathrooms, you’ll want to choose wisely with your vanity choice. Rather than going with a large vanity, you might wish to go with a couple of smaller ones, one for each individual.

With so many different styles you can choose from, it won’t be that difficult to find a vanity for your bathroom that will complement the decor. Depending on your family’s needs and your home’s styles, the way you decorate your bathroom with the perfect vanity will vary. Involve your family in choosing which vanity will go great with your bathroom.

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