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6 Ways to Keep Your Tub Clean

6 Ways to Keep Your Tub Clean

Keeping your bathtub clean is a chore that not many people enjoy. But, while you can’t omit giving your bathtub a good scrubbing every so often, you don’t have to go extremely heavy on the cleaning all the time. Some simple routine maintenance can help keep your tub clean. Here are six tips to help keep your bathtub sparkling clean without having to aggressively clean it all the time.

1. Rinse

After each shower or bath, rinse your bathtub down entirely. Leave the water running as you’re finishing up your shower, after you’ve rinsed off the shampoo or soap from your body. Also, each time a family member takes a bath, run the shower for about 30 seconds to rinse the tub out. Run the shower until the water that’s running down the drain is clear and free of bubbles, hair or soap suds.

2. Scrub

Once or twice monthly, give your tub a quick scrub down. Pour the product on the scrub sponge. Run the shower for several seconds first before you start to scrub away the dirt to loosen it.

3. Household Items

You don’t need to buy those expensive chemical products to get the job done. You have common household items that can clean your tub out effectively. 

  • White vinegar: After each shower, spray your bathtub with white vinegar. Allow it to stay on the tub for several minutes and then, using cold water, rinse it away.
  • Salt: If the yellow spotting in your tub is grossing you out, salt is your go-to item. Mix some turpentine and salt together in equal proportion. Once you’ve made a mixture, put on some cleaning gloves and start rubbing the stains away.
  • Baking soda: This really works well for scrubbing the gunk off that’s been stuck to the walls of your tub for a long time. Mix a 2:1 ratio of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Apply it to the areas with the gunk and let it sit for several minutes. Then begin scrubbing it in and rinse with water. This solution can also clear your drain. This is a great solution for enameled surfaces.

4. Use Calk

Caulking is a breeding ground for mildew, so you’ll want to ensure any areas with caulk stay dry and clean. You can spray bleach over the caulked area and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then take a soft-bristled brush and scrub away and rinse. If your tub is enamel and can’t be bleached or the problem has gone rampant, you’ll have to likely recaulk completely.

5. Turn on the Bathroom Fan

Turn the bathroom fan on while you’re taking a shower and leave it on for around 30 minutes after you’ve finished your shower.

6. Wax your Tub Quarterly

Use a spray-on auto wax to the sides and edges of your bathtub (don’t apply it to the floor of your bathtub) and buff it in to bring out the glossy sheen of your tub. 

These are only some ways you can keep your tub clean. You of course will want to do a complete scrub down every so often to really get at the grime and soap scum. But rinsing and lightly cleaning in between showers and baths should help quite a bit.

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