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6 Different Bathroom Vanities That Go With Any Bathroom Color

6 Different Bathroom Vanities That Go With Any Bathroom Color

For many individuals who own a home, their master bathroom is their sanctuary — their own personal area to grab a moment for themselves and relax. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom or simply just wanting to make some minor changes to your bathroom, a bathroom vanity is the one thing that could make a significant difference for both functionality and decor. But, it needs to look good with your bathroom color and not all vanities do. So, here are six different bathroom vanities that go good with any bathroom color.

1. Ebony, White and Gray Vanities

Sometimes the color of your vanity goes a long way. These are popular colors for bathroom vanities. They go with pretty much all bathroom colors and styles since they’re natural. White helps your bathroom look more spacious, which is an essential consideration if you’re space constrained. You might want to consider going with a light white countertop if you prefer an ebony-colored vanity.

These colors are perfect because they stand the test of time. For instance, if you end up repainting your walls several years down the road, they’ll still go well. Other color vanities can be a little more difficult to decorate with. Cooler tones like silvers and grays are a bit more stylish than the warmer taupes, beiges and golds, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when you’re choosing:

  • Vanity colors
  • Hardware
  • Paint colors
  • Mirrors and lighting

You’ll want to ensure everything is working together harmoniously.

2. Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks have grown in popularity for the last few years and they really add a unique touch to your bathroom. Often, you’ll notice stone vessel sinks paired together. This can be really fun. Vessel sinks are a better choice for powder rooms than they are for full size bathrooms, but they do become the focal point and add flair to the room.

3. Minimalist Style Vanities

When it comes to your vanity design for your bathroom, simplicity is always in style. Clean, lean silhouettes provide your bathroom with a spa-like feel and keep your area feeling fresh. They are also great for any colored bathroom. You can create the minimalist style look by selecting a vanity with:

  • Clean lines
  • Minimalist hardware
  • An uncluttered, simple countertop

4. Wood Vanities

Although the sleek spa look in a bathroom is always en vogue, natural elements will likely be the 2020 major bathroom vanity trend. Plus, they go good with all bathroom colors. Unfinished and reclaimed woods lend natural serenity and organic charm to your bathroom and they look sharp when you pair them with modern mirrors, glossy countertops and metallic hardware.

5. Industrial Elements

Although modern designs are still very popular, when it comes to 2020 bathroom vanities, we’re starting to see a lot of industrial influences. Metal hardware, reclaimed wood and rough-hewn designs are ideal for keeping your bathroom on-trend and down-to-earth while going good with most colored bathrooms.

Select a vanity that has a deep trough basin or you can create a nice contrast by combining an industrial base with a ceramic or elegant marble countertop.

6. Open Shelving

Open shelf vanities have been a growing trend for several years now, both for space and style. Open shelving can all you to create a space that looks more spa-like and luxurious as well as more inviting and friendlier. It also can make your area look larger. If you have a small bathroom, this will come in handy. Because of this, many individuals are going with vanities with open shelving at the bottom. 

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