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5 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips

5 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices you have. You’ll find a whole array of stunning designs in bathroom renovation websites and magazines. But which is the perfect fit for you and your needs?

First, there are many considerations that will go into your bathroom creation. But a bathroom remodel is much more than the fixtures and vanities you put into it. There are some essential things you need to take into consideration first before all that. Here are five.

  1. Create a Budget

Transforming your bathroom into the precise style you’re looking for is an investment. But, it doesn’t have to go over the budget you allow for it. Your bathroom remodeling job can cost as much as you’ll let it. But, that’s only if you set yourself a budget beforehand. Otherwise, costs can spiral if you allow them to. 

You’ll want to do some research first into your local custom building costs and then set up a budget that’s realistic. You also have to stick to this budget too. To make this simpler, you might want to hire a design-build firm or remodeling contractor that offers fixed pricing instead of estimates.

  1. Type of Bathroom

There are all types of bathrooms. They come in a wide range of layouts, sizes and shapes. There’s a good chance that when you go to remodel your bathroom, you won’t change the type of bathroom you have. But, you should still know your options before getting busy. You may want to hire a skilled interior designer to help you go over the different possibilities. For example, you can transform a cramped half bath into a luxurious master suite simply by borrowing a little space from a bedroom or walk-in closet.

A few types of bathrooms are:

  • Standard bathroom: This type of bathroom contains a toilet, sink and a shower, bath or both. Many of the older homes were constructed with one full standard bathroom the whole family shared.
  • Half bath: Half baths are small spaces that will only include a toilet and sink.
  • Wet bathroom: This is a type of full bathroom where you’ll have a shower that’s not behind a curtain or separate cubicle. A wet bath is totally waterproofed, including the walls, floor and cabinets.
  1. Bathroom Layout

So, now you’ve decided on the type of bathroom you’re going with for your remodel. You’ll want to next think about the bathroom layout. Depending on the size and shape of the space you’re working with, you’ll have countless variations in the layout of your bathroom. The layout of your bathroom is something you’ll want to nail down before you even think about the aesthetics.

  1. Bathroom Ventilation

No matter what type of bathroom you go with, it will require some type of ventilation (by code) either by a bathroom exhaust fan or a properly sized window. If you’re considering a bathroom fan, you’ll want to look at it’ noise level and it’s exhaust capacity (the number of cubic feet of air per minute it moves).

  1. Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms are an area where individuals visually inspect their faces and hair, therefore, lighting is typically concentrated in one spot and dim (like from a ceiling fixture). However, you might want to consider adding some lighting, like sconces, around your bathroom mirror. You don’t want blinding light. But some sconces you control with a dimmer switch can really add to the mood of your bathroom for relaxing baths. 


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