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10 Bathroom Design Tips For A Small Bathroom

10 Bathroom Design Tips For A Small Bathroom

The limited natural light, lack of square footage and number of fixtures you have to fit into a small bathroom can make it very challenging to decorate. However, when you can do it properly (and creatively), you can make the small space seem much brighter and more spacious. Here are 10 bathroom design tips for a small bathroom.

  1. Keep your Colors Bright and Light

Why not try a soft mint-green hue that reflects a window’s natural light? Combine that with a wood floor and maybe a freestanding tub which will help to make your small bathroom appear more open. To allow the maximum light to enter the space, use lightweight curtain fabric.

  1. Place a Big Mirror

A great way of creating the illusion of spaciousness is by placing a wall-to-wall mirror on your bathroom wall. Even if your bathroom doesn’t get ample natural light, a wall-to-wall mirror will help your bathroom boast an airy and open vibe. 

  1. Use Unique Monochrome Materials

Give your minimalism bathroom an edge by implementing things like:

  • Classic striped towels
  • Stone surfaces
  • A round mirror
  • Sculptural sconce

It’s an easy-going, elegant minimalist approach that doesn’t overpower the eye.

  1. Try Creative Storage Ideas

Try some door hooks for robes and towels behind the door or hold your small supplies (makeup, hair) in door pouches. Place shelving and/or a medicine cabinet inside the walls. 

  1. Get a Mini Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity is a notorious space-waster. So, go with a mini bathroom vanity instead. Go with a wall-mounted sink, simple pedestal sink or an apartment size vanity.

  1. Strategically Hang Shower Curtain

Instead of hanging up your average plastic shower curtain, try hanging two from each side to make it look more like drapes. Add some warmth to your space by going with a softer type linen shower curtain.

  1. Try a Glass Shower Door

You might want to scrap the shower curtain altogether when designing your small bathroom and go with a glass shower door instead. It will help create a more open-looking space.

  1. Use Tile Strategically

You can make even the tiniest bathroom look functional and elevated with strategic tile. But, the way it works is to use waterproof tiles throughout so you can get anything and everything wet. You’ll need to have a central drain. Then secure towel racks to your walls and swap out a regular angled shower head with one that points downward (you stand directly underneath it). 

  1. Hang the Toilet From the Wall

Typically, a conventional toilet is mounted to the floor, however, a perfect way of maximizing your small bathroom space is by using a toilet with oversized tile flooring and wall hung cabinetry. The wall hung cabinetry and toilet will show off more of your floor, giving the illusion your area is larger than it looks.

  1. Curve Corners

Make the edges of your bathroom vanity rounded and soft which can help you gain some space back. Not to mention, you’ll be less likely of banging into the edges when you’re rushing around.

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