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10 Bathroom Design Hacks

10 Bathroom Design Hacks

If you reside in a smaller home, you’re likely well aware of having to live with a small bathroom. Your bathroom holds a lot of your day-to-day life necessities and if you’re having to share with more people, it can get even trickier. The good news is with a few tips and tricks, you can make the most of your small bathroom space without having to sacrifice on style. Here are 10 bathroom design hacks that can help get some order in your space while also transforming it into your own small spa.

  1. Install Space Savers

Use retractable make-up mirrors so you can make them disappear when not using them. It gets them out of the way and creates an illusion of more space.

  1. Maximize the Mirror

While it’s an easy solution, the use of an oversized mirror also provides the illusion of more space. It tricks your eye by multiplying the light so it looks like your bathroom has almost doubled in size.

  1. Choose a Pedestal

If you’d like more floor space, a pedestal sink is a perfect selection instead of a vanity. Tight space like a small bathroom often means you can only place a very small vanity in it, however, pedestal sinks may make better choices since you won’t be dealing with a boxy cupboard that tends to become cluttered.

  1. Triple the Towel Storage

Rather than simply installing a towel bar, go ahead and install three of them. The perfect place is the back of the door so you can use the walls to store other items.

  1. Storage Baskets

If you already have your linen closet stocked with sheets, then place your hand and bath towels in decorative baskets under your vanity. Or you can use a single basket as a hamper for collecting damp or used towels.

  1. Over-the-Toilet Shelves

Instead of traditional cabinetry, choose modern ladder shelves to make use of empty space. Toss a few baskets on them to organize more things.

  1. Combine Different Tiles

Use tiles to decorate the bathroom. Using tiles in a bathroom is a common thing, but with some different colors and variations, you could create a better bathroom design. Choose a few different tile colors and patterns to create a whole new look for your bathroom.

Put new tiles on your wall. Then combine some black tiles with white ceramic tiles to create a modern contemporary ambiance. Add in some wooden material to dress your ceiling and floor to emphasize the luxury ambiance.

  1. Add Some Brass

The bathtub area is typically a point of interest in a master bathroom. However, you can also make the sink area a perfect spot too by putting up a beautiful design. Use marble combined with brass to give your master bathroom a more modern luxury ambiance.

  1. Mason Jar Unit

If you’re getting low on storage space, you can hang up some mason jars on your walls for holding things like cotton balls, makeup brushes, and toothbrushes.

  1. Herringbone Floor Pattern

A perfect combination is color paint, white tiles, and a herringbone pattern. It will be a lovely floor by adding wooden herringbone patterns. Put color painted on the wall and white tiles combination. Perhaps some white ceramic finishing for your bathroom set, some pictures hanging on the walls for decoration, and a bathtub in the corner with a sink next to it for room optimization.

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