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Bathroom Remodeling Fort Lauderdale


    Tub & Bathroom Remodeling

    Fort Lauderdale Florida

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    Elite Tub Refinishing is the go to company for making your bathroom look and feel new again. We specialize in refinishing and repairing bathroom walls, sinks, and bathtubs that have been consumed by rust, chips, holes, and old paint. Thinking about replacing your bathroom sink because of rust? Well, with Elite Tub Refinishing, there’s no need to tear out your old sink and install a new sink. We will clear the rust and apply a fresh coat of paint so that your sink is good as new. When considering whether or not you should replace your sink or bathtub, you have to keep in mind the tear out process, labor for installation, product cost, as well as the mess in the bathroom and the time it will take. Having Elite Tub Refinishing refinish your sink or bathtub will take a few hours instead of a week or two and you will save up to 70% of the cost of replacing it.  Some refinishing companies do the bare minimum and use cheap material, but not us. We go above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the outcome and we only use the best and long lasting materials.

    Bathtub Refinishing
    Known as bathtub resurfacing or bathtub reglazing. It is the process of refreshing the surface of a worn out and sometimes rusty bathtub to a glossy finish.


    Tub & Tile Refinishing
    Tile refinishing is also known as tile This is the process of making oldtile look new. When the job is properly done , by a professional refinisher, the result will be tiles with a durable and restored look.


    Sink Resurfacing
    The Sink resurfacing process allows us to take sinks that are outdated and damaged and renew there look for years to come.

    Chip Repair
    Whether the surface is porcelain, acrylic / fiberglass or enameled steel our technicians can ensure after our repairs the prior blemishes will not be notice.


    Jacuzzi Resurfacing
    Jacuzzis sometimes may form bubbles cracks even chips at Elite Tub Refinishing were able to address any repairs and finally applying a new glossy finish.


    Tub Restoration
    Tub Restoration is the process of renewing the tubs natural surface without topcoating the surface this is achieved by using industry leading commercial grade cleaning agents.

    Don’t waste time and money with replacements and DIY repairs, let Elite Tub Refinishing refinish your bathroom fixtures the right way.

    Refinishing vs Remodeling


    5 stars

    “Elite Tub Refinishing did an awesome job on our tub and sink!”

    Jessica Feliciano

    5 stars

    “The crew at Elite Tub Refinishing saved me so much money on my bathroom I’m very happy with the job they did.”

    Stephanie Rivera

    5 stars

    “I needed to repair the chips on my tub quickly. They came out and made my tub look brand new.”

    Logan Faircloth

    Don’t waste time and money with replacements and DIY repairs, let Elite Tub Refinishing refinish your bathroom fixtures the right way.